Dr Rhonda Garad

Connect with Dr Garad via email Rhonda.Garad@monash.edu

Dr Rhonda Garad is the head of Education at the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI). She is also a research follow in research translation at MCHRI.

Dr Garad has published in a range of fields such as health literacy, digital health, research translation, women’s health, and, climate and health. The unifying theme underpinning her research is addressing health inequities. She has a strong commitment to working within a consumer-led framework, that integrates the consumer voice across the research translation eco-system. Her PhD focused the Australian health system responsiveness to the needs of diverse population groups, using a health literacy lens.

Dr Garad teaches into the Monash University Master’s program, in the area of implementation science. She also facilitates the professional development program for health professionals at MCHRI.

In addition, Dr Garad heads up climate research at MCHRI investigating the impacts of climate change on women and their families and amplifying evidence-informed solutions to multiple audiences, including policy makers.

In her other life Dr Garad is a Local Government Councillor who is committed to the principles of civic engagement and citizenry participation. Finally, Dr Garad is committed to working within a consumer-led framework that integrates consumers across the research translation eco-system.