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How to evaluate the success of a change implementation project

Continually evaluating progress and success is vital.  It ensures the project is on track and will meet goals and objectives.  It can also help to identify issues early that arise during the process.

Define success criteria

Clearly define what success looks like. Include short-term and long-term goals and objectives.

Measure performance

Use data and metrics to measure performance. This could include data from finance, productivity, consumer satisfaction, employee engagement.

Stakeholder surveys

Get feedback from stakeholders, which helps identify areas for improvement and that the project is meeting the needs of stakeholders.

Review project documentation

Project plans, budgets, and progress reports to assess the progress and identify any issues.

Conduct a post-implementation review

To evaluate the overall success. Include an analysis of the data and metrics, feedback from stakeholders, and a review of project documentation.

Continuously monitor and improve

Make improvements as necessary so that project remains on track and continues to deliver value.

It is important to see evaluation as an ongoing process that can guide the implementation of your change project. Monitoring the effectiveness of your strategies is vital to be able to modify if needed. 

We often see evaluation as a process at the end of a project. BUT – Evaluation provides continual feedback on the effectiveness and is vital and ongoing.