Consumer & Community Involvement

Rhonda Garad
Amanda Hamilton
Research Support Services

“The community are the funders and beneficiaries of health care, and health and medical research. We are all the collective custodians of our health and research systems. We must work together through research and healthcare improvement, to shape our health system to best serve our community.”

Professor Helena Teede


MCHRI’s Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) strategy is consumer and community centred.  Consumers are the focus at each stage and CCI is embedded across our six research projects and networks.  

All MCHRI projects are coproduced in initiation, planning, execution and translation.  This optimises health outcomes as it ensures that community need and priorities are embedded in research and implementation.

Researchers work with consumers and the community to establish research questions and this guides our grant proposals.  This partnership continues during the research, and as research outcomes are translated into changes in practice and policy.

Current Projects

  • Public health in preconception, pregnancy & postpartum
  • Reproductive women’s health (incl PCOS)
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Cardiovascular health & diabetes
  • Public Health – Across Mental Health, climate & COVID-19
  • Advancing women’s leadership & careers

Current Program

The following MCHRI programs are currently recruiting consumers:


Healthy Lifestyle in Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum (HIPPP) Impact Study – MRFF Frist 2000 days.  Details available soon.

Consumers are reimbursed for their time and experience. To register your interest email info.mchri@monash.ed