Our People

MCHRI is a key partnership between Monash Health and Monash University, and our people span a variety of professions, with many holding clinical roles, and bring a wide range of expertise.

Read about our academic staff on the Monash University website.

Professor Helena Teede
Director, MCHRI
Professor Emily Callander
Lead, Women's Economics & Value Based Care
Assoc. Professor Lisa Moran
Lead, High risk women's health
Assoc. Professor Amanda Vincent
Lead, Early Menopause
Assoc. Professor Joanne Enticott
Lead, BIg data & the learning health system
Assoc. Professor Cheryce Harrison
Lead, Public Health in healthy lifetyle
Dr Rhonda Garad
Lead, Education, Workforce & Capacity Building
Dr Anju Joham
Lead, PCOS guidelines
Dr Aya Mousa
Lead, Gestational Diabetes/Diabetes
Dr Sandy Reeder
Lead, Qualitative Implementation Research
Dr Rui Wang
Lead, Reproductive Epidemiology