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Do you have a question about PCOS? Leading experts are available to answer your questions on the Ask PCOS App forum.

Thursday 28th September
11 am – 1pm AEST
Online:  @

September is PCOS Awareness Month, and the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), and the CRE in Women’s Health in Reproductive Life (CRE WHiRL) is hosting a free online event for women with PCOS to ask questions of leading PCOS experts.

PCOS experts, Professor Helena Teede, Dr Jillian Tay and Dr Rhonda Garad will be available for 2 hours on the Ask PCOS App forum to answer questions and provide advice and information.

The AskPCOS App has 50K users in 195 countries. It is the first free app that is based on the highest quality information, from global PCOS experts. It is regularly updated with the latest evidence-based information. The App has a moderated forum function, where women with PCOS can ask questions and discuss treatment, lifestyle, fertility, wellbeing and more.  

Join us this PCOS Awareness Month, on the AskPCOS App forum at, Thursday 28th September between 11 am and 1pm AEST and ask your questions.  

Please note, that to access the moderated forum and personal dashboard users need to sign up and be a registered user.

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