Dean’s Award for Advancing Women in Healthcare Leadership

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Dean's Award for a large-scale national research, implementation, and impact initiative that addresses gender equity in healthcare leadership.

The Advancing Women in Healthcare Leadership international initiative has been awarded the Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Dean’s Award for Excellence in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 2023.

Established by Professor Helena Teede, Advancing Women in Healthcare Leadership (AWHL) is an outstanding example of large-scale collaboration, advancing gender equity and diversity in healthcare and beyond.

AWHL, is led by MCHRI and is a large-scale national research, implementation, and impact initiative that addresses the critical issue of gender disparity within healthcare leadership.

By conducting thorough research inquiries, engaging extensively with stakeholders, and forging strategic alliances, AWHL has brought attention to the numerous detrimental effects stemming from barriers to women’s leadership.

Professor Teede said she was honoured and proud to see her work, and that of the AWHL team, recognised for the influence it has on advancing gender equity in healthcare. “This exciting and dynamic research is delivering tangible impact. Working with our 22 partners nationally and internationally, our passionate Monash team is transcending the problems and barriers to gender equity, focusing on organisational and systems solutions in the workplace. We are building on and generating best practice evidence and codesigning, tailoring, implementing, evaluating and scaling effective evidence-based, system change to advance women into leadership and deliver on gender equity.”

AWHL’s extensive impact is underscored by securing substantial and prestigious national funding, propelling its status to that of a distinguished $5 million national initiative fortified by a formidable consortium of 22 esteemed partners.

Implemented by AWHL’s Lead Research Fellow, Dr Belinda Garth, the integration of Women in Leadership (WIL) education and Scholarship Programs has enabled the AWHL to astutely facilitate the development of transformative leadership competencies among women, including those hailing from rural areas, thereby engendering equitable representation and ameliorating healthcare outcomes. The program’s unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge is evident through its active dissemination of research findings, policy engagement and capacity building.

Dr Rhonda Garad, MCHRI’s Head of Education, was also awarded a Dean’s Award for Excellence in Education in Industry and Community Education Programs (Team), as part of the Alfred Health Leadership Development Program.

Read more about the Dean’s Awards here.

Learn more about AWHL at


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