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Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation sits within the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, and is a collaborative partnership with Monash Health. With over 50 staff and students, we are a dynamic and growing multidisciplinary team of clinicians and researchers.

MCHRI and its program leaders have internationally recognised reputations as research leaders. We are recognised for our strong links between cutting-edge public health and clinical research, evidence-based medicine, implementation and translation.

We are a research active Centre with major project funding from the National Health & Medical Research Council and Medical Research Future Funds.

MCHRI has an active and engaging clinical, health services and public health research training program that seeks to attract, train, mentor and build careers of those wishing to improve clinical health outcomes. We specifically cater for postgraduate students, health professionals and PhD students.

It is highly encouraged that all students and health professionals looking to join the MCHRI team refer to our website to identify key areas of interest based on our research programs, core activities and associated project leaders.

Our research themes include:
  • Public health in preconception, pregnancy & postpartum
  • Reproductive women’s health (incl PCOS)
  • Healthy lifestyle 
  • Cardiovascular health & diabetes
  • Public health across mental health, climate & COVID-!9. 
  • Advancing women’s leadership & careers

Our core activities include:

  1. Evidence synthesis, systematic reviews and guideline preparation
  2. Observational/epidemiological studies and biostatistical modelling using extensive existing data sets
  3. Health services/health care improvement and smaller quality audit research designed to improve care in the clinical setting
  4. Large scale clinical trials
  5. Large scale public health interventions

If you are interested in the MCHRI Education Program, please contact


Information for Volunteer, BMedSci and Honours students

The education program undertaken within MCHRI anticipates students will be introduced to all areas of research with active engagement in Centre research meetings and associated activities. Experience may include collecting, managing or organising data to answer specific questions, supporting clinical research programs or preparing reports of data. This work is supported by our diverse research team.

Opportunities for volunteer students

We offer volunteer student placements to those from Monash University or linked to Monash Health however we ask all students to be able to commit to a minimum of 30 days either completed full time or part-time

Opportunities for Honours and B. Med. Sci. students

Students who have completed an undergraduate degree in medicine, biomedical science course, allied health, nursing, biostatistics, health economics or who are in the MBBS program and speciality training, you are invited to apply for Honours positions within MCHRI (with the SPHPM). For more information on Honours course requirements please visit


Information for postgraduate, health professionals and PhD students

The education of our PhD students is a core element of our training program. We aim to graduate students who are competitive for an ongoing academic career, usually integrated within a public hospital or other clinical, public health or translation role.

At MCHRI it is our policy that all students are supervised by a team of senior experienced researchers (each student has 2–3 supervisors) are supported in a collegial environment with at least 10 PhD students working closely together. We anticipate that all students will successfully complete studies within three contact years. All students complete PhD studies by publication so they have a track record when they finish their research. Importantly, we guarantee timely access to supervisors and rapid responses in return of submitted manuscripts.

We actively encourage all students to contact us early in the year with scholarship applications commencing around April–May of each year (see below for scholarship offered).

MCHRI provides research training in an integrated environment across Monash University and Monash Health and strengths of the program include:

  • Access to School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine extensive training program from biostatistics, health services and public health research:
  • Integration with Australia’s largest Health Service: Monash Health
  • Support from a diverse team with varied clinical and research expertise (endocrinology, reproductive health, obstetrics, dietetics, exercise physiology, health promotion, Indigenous and refugee health, evidence synthesis, biostatistics, qualitative methodology, health services research, implementation, evaluation and translation)
  • Strong MCHRI mentorship and supervision framework supported internally, by SPHPM and by the Monash Institute of Graduate Research which all senior MCHRI staff are members of.

The following components, process, support, opportunities, learnings and outputs are covered in the majority of PhDs through our clinical research team.

In a structured PhD these include:

  1. Systematic literature review
  2. Observational study using extensive existing data sets
  3. Clinical Interventional, Health Services Implementation or Public Health/ Epidemiology research project
  4. Implementation/Translation training
  5. Coursework

Scholarships information

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If you are interested in joining the MCHRI team, please email your CV including your areas of interest and potential supervisor to